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The Washington Calligraphers Guild is so deeply honored to induct the following members for the status of Honorary Membership:

Doing so allows this Guild to show our heartfelt gratitude for the constant stewardship and representation that each of these recipients has given in devotion to WCG throughout its 45-year history.

Michael Clark

He provided over a decade of editorship and innovative layout design in producing our journal, Scripsit. Within his range of issues, he enlightened us and expanded our knowledge by introducing what was changing and trending within the calligraphic arena; ensuring that we became aware of the evolving batch of new calligraphers, both domestic and international, arriving on the scene.

Gretchen Elson

She is a Charter Member of WCG, has served in the many positions of President (1989-1990 & 2005-2007), Vice President, Hospitality Chair, and Scripsit Liaison; she is currently the Membership Chair. Her long memory, guiding knowledge and wisdom, and advisement to the WCG Board have been and continue to be invaluable.

Sue Flory

She is known for being that gentle, welcoming “voice” during her long-term tenure as our Membership Chair. She handled that connection between the members and the Guild with warmth, precision, and impeccable record keeping at a time before computer databases were available and widely used (not an easy task seamlessly tracking the flow of 500+ members). Through the strong partnership with her husband, the late Bob Flory, they handled Scripsit sales and facilitated the annual fundraiser, Calligrafest, for several years. Their friendship and direction in having served on the WCG Board have bolstered the development of this Guild throughout the years.

Pamela Klinedinst

She served initially as Member-at-Large, then continued as the WCG Treasurer for over two decades. She became President for a remarkable 5-year term, one of the longest in WCG history (2011-2016). She currently is our Bulletin Liaison and Administrator for WCG’s Facebook profile.

Marta Legeckis

She is an award-winning watercolorist and calligraphy instructor for the Smithsonian Associates, is a Past-President as well (1996-1997); and was Co-Director of WCG’s international calligraphy conference: Letterforum 2006. She also served for several years as both Workshops and Exhibits Chair. She now handles the maintenance and allocation of the Zapf Scholarship.

Lorraine Swerdloff

Lorraine's service began as Publicity Chair in 1997, then as President (1999-2001). In 2000 she debuted the WCG website, serving as primary webmaster for many years, as well as worked on the charter committee to launch the first Holiday Calligrafest (our fundraiser). In 1995 she helped transfer to the WCG (upon the request of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Postal Museum) the Graceful Envelope Contest, then maintained its annual promotion and development for 16 years. She has produced eight Scripsit journals, including two memorable Pens & Protocol: Calligraphy of Official Washington and five issues reviewing the Graceful Envelope Contest through the years. Currently, she is an advisor to the Board of Directors and oversees communications.

Christine Tischer

was our Workshops Chair for an impressive span of years; and was the primary driving force in expanding our offered selection of classes and topics, as well as importing the fresh talent of international instructors. She is known and respected for her calm, creative approach to solving problems, presenting outside-the-box thinking. Her influence continues to inform the function of workshops to this day.

Julian Waters

He became a Charter Member of WCG at the tender age of 19, later lending his eye and discernment in redefining the style of WCG’s journal, Scripsit, for over 7 years. Because of his graphics design efforts in presenting a clean, visual impact, Scripsit became a model for other guilds’ journals. Noteworthy, too, was Julian’s mentorship and professional collaboration with the late Hermann Zapf, culminating in a deepening relationship with the Guild as a whole. This connection in the late 1980s resulted in Professor Zapf bestowing international support upon the Guild through an endowment that later created the Zapf Education Fund (which continues to be granted annually). Currently, Julian has developed an in-depth portfolio over his 40-year career of commercial and personal work both in calligraphy and typography; and is a world-renown instructor and editorial contributor.

Thank you all, and may you continue to support this Guild and enjoy the merits of becoming Honorary Members, joining this rank along with the four original inductees:

Sheila Waters (founder of WCG)
Hermann Zapf
Charles Hughes
Ieuan Rees

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