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Learn, improve and explore calligraphy with these WCG instructors:

If you are a WCG member who teaches calligraphy and would like your class or workshop listed, please send information to the website administrator.


Frank Lloyd Wright quote by Amity Parks

New York City

Beginning Italic
Saturday, March 24 & Sunday, March 25
10am - 4pm
All levels of proficiency are welcomed
Sponsored by the Society of Scribes, NYC

Manassas, VA

Intro to Calligraphy for homeschoolers (12+) and interested adults
Fifteen 90-minute classes held every other Tuesday starting Sept. 12.
email Una at for registration link.

Alexandria, VA

Brush Lettering
Saturday, February 10, 11am-1pm
Made in ALX, 533 Montgomery St. Alexandria, VA


Calligraphy and lettering arts

Online & Boston, MA

Manuscript skills, Uncial and Copperplate calligraphy courses taught by WCG member Maryanne Grebenstein.

Online & MD, VA

Arabic calligraphy and motifs offered by Scripts 'n' Scribes instructors: WCG member Lubna Zahid, Elinor Aishah Holland and Deniz Öktem Bektaş.

Frederick, MD Community College

Beginning Calligraphy: Italic
Fridays 2/2-6/7, 10-noon
Put Calligraphy in search.
Continuing Calligraphy: Italic variations, color
Fridays 4/19-6/7, 10-noon

Fairfax Co, VA: Oakmont Rec Center in Oakton, VA

Intro to Callig Sept 12 10-12:30 for six weeks.
Italic Oct 17-Nov 21 10-12:30 for six weeks.
Both through Fairfax County Rec Dept at Oakmont (change of name) Rec Center in Oakton, VA

Search text=Italic
Search category=Fine Arts
Place=Oakmont Rec Center

Or Google Fairfax County Partakes, Instructor=Elson; class day=Thurs; ; class title=Italic to bring up registration.

DC & Alexandria

Workshops in: Introduction to modern pointed pen; Continuing with modern pointed pen; and Introduction to brush lettering. Check her website for schedule or sign up to receive notifications when new classes are posted.

Washington, DC

Calligraphy classes or workshops in the spring and fall. Call 202-357-3030.

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