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The Washington Calligraphers Guild is a thriving organization of more than 400 letter lovers of all skill levels, from professional scribes to enthusiastic beginners and even some non-calligraphers who appreciate the lettering and book arts. Founded in 1976 by internationally known calligrapher Sheila Waters and a group of her students, the Guild is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that promotes all aspects of the lettering arts and related crafts. Membership is open to anyone regardless of calligraphic ability. We are recognized as one of the most active groups in the world, as evidenced by our international membership roster, acclaimed journal Scripsit, and sponsorship of the Graceful Envelope Contest, now in its 28th year. 


abcxyz by Charlie Hughes, © Washington Calligraphers Guild.
WCG logo and Roundel of the Seasons by Sheila Waters.

Latest Scripsit

Vol 46 No 1, Fall 2023

Scripsit vol 46 no 1 fall 2023.jpeg
Calligraphy in Correspondence

Edited by Joanna Homrighausen, the 36- page issue explores lettering used in letters, from WCG's Graceful Envelope Contest to the calligraphers who pen the missives used in movies and in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Also covered is a collection of mail art and the artists behind the Postal Service's lunar new year stamps.

Upcoming Programs & Workshops

Michael Sull


Statement of Purpose

The Washington Calligraphers Guild, Inc., exists to promote the appreciation of calligraphy, its history and applications; to foster a wider understanding of calligraphy as an art and as a science; to conduct studies, to undertake research, and to carry out education programs directed toward these ends.
Writing needs meaning, whereas calligraphy expresses itself above all
through forms and gestures. It elevates the soul and illuminates the feelings.

-Wang Hsi-chih
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