Founded in 1976, the Washington Calligraphers Guild is a nonprofit organization of more than 500 U.S. and international lettering artists of all skill levels, from professional scribes to enthusiastic beginners and non-calligraphers who appreciate the lettering and book arts.


Elected Officers

PresidentTamara Stoneburner(+1 571-225-5389)
Vice PresidentKaren Daly
TreasurerNancy Markisohn
SecretaryGilda Penn
Member at LargeVirginia Lockhart

Elections occur annually in May.

Standing Committees – We need your help!

Workshop ChairKacie-Linn Engle
Workshop RegistrarJanice Reyes
Membership ChairGretchen Elson
MailingsPatricia Swanson
Budget & FinanceBarbara Enyeart
Registered AgentBarbara Enyeart
Website ChairLorraine Swerdloff
Bulletin LiaisonPamn Klinedinst
Scripsit LiaisonTamara Stoneburner
LibraryLucinda Wright
Zapf ScholarshipMarta Legeckis
Social MediaPamn Klinedinst (Facebook)
Erin Cassidy (Instagram)
PublicityFelecia McFail
Fund Raisingvacant
Nominating ChairPatricia Munson

Special Assistants to the Board

ArchivistLucinda Wright
Graceful Envelope ContestErin Cassidy

Help Wanted

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Do you know Robert's Rules of Order? We are seeking a parliamentarian.

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We are looking for members interested in helping with the website and treasury, in addition to all vacant positions.

Interested, but not sure if you know how? Training is available! Contact Tamara Stoneburner.

Go Fund Me for Michael Clark

Michael Clark - Rulling Pen - Alphabet Michael Clark - portrait by Walt Stoneburner

Michael Clark’s unique work as a designer, calligrapher, commercial lettering artist, font designer, and teacher has influenced scribes around the world. There are few in the calligraphic community unfamiliar with his distinct design style as seen within his compressed and contemporized Roman letterforms; his unconventional use of Speedball nibs and marker pens; and his astonishing manipulation of the simple and often underrated draftsman’s ruling pen, as well as the newer, curved-edge ruling pens. Michael’s dedication to the lettering arts and the calligraphic community has been unwavering for decades – his stunning work an inspiration to students and peers alike.

He is one of our own—and he is in need of our help.

If you are new to this community, you can view Michael’s work in numerous publications, including Letter Arts Review, Print Magazine Annual, the Speedball Textbook, and his own current books, In a Lone Breath and No Day Without a Line (both available at John Neal Bookseller and Paper & Ink Arts). In addition to teaching throughout North America and at Roehampton, he has taught at several International Calligraphy Conferences. His groundbreaking work pays homage to those designers and calligraphers who influenced and encouraged him throughout his career. During his years as a layout editor for the Washington Calligraphers Guild, he has introduced the next generation of talent by enthusiastically featuring them in its journal, Scripsit.

Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2018, and sadly, the disease has robbed him of the ability to create the beautiful art for which he is known. Imagine still having design ideas running through your mind, yet your body is unable to hold a pen or make a meaningful mark upon the paper! Parkinson’s is a progressive, degenerative disease; and Michael struggles to do even simple tasks. His balance and movement have been affected. Parkinson’s has not only hampered his visual “voice,” but has also reduced his actual voice, making it difficult to talk and even swallow. Having been hospitalized recently, Michael has accrued significant medical bills. Even after insurance contributions and negotiating with providers, the remaining balance—coupled with the ongoing costs of his care—exceeds his ability to pay.

And that is where we, the calligraphic community, can engage to help. We are asking Michael’s friends, colleagues, and students for support. Any donation – even $5 – would be deeply appreciated and will go directly towards covering his medical expenses.

If you are unable to contribute, please consider sharing this fund’s goal and effort with others. Together we can broaden the outreach and make a difference for Michael during this time of upheaval in his life.

Gemma Black

Upcoming Workshops

The WCG is offering exclusive online workshops to members during January, February and March. If you're not a member, join now and get this benefit.

Study with Carrie Imai in January, Yukimi Annand in February and Gemma Black in March.

Right: Sheila Waters leading a past workshop for WCG

Current Events

The Process of Artwork
Three Diverse Approaches to the Birthing of an Artwork

The Process of Artwork

The Fall/Winter 2020 Scripsit, edited by Randall M. Hasson, introduces three artists' approaches to creating artwork.

View Randall Hasson's Journal Techniques video.

Yves Leterme
Art by Yves Leterme

John Neal Bookseller has compiled a list of online calligraphy classes by some of the best teachers worldwide.

Left: Yves Leterme taught Built-Up (Drawn) Capitals online this spring.