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John Neal Bookseller has compiled a list of online calligraphy classes by some of the best teachers worldwide.

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Founded in 1976, the Washington Calligraphers Guild is a nonprofit organization of more than 500 U.S. and international lettering artists of all skill levels, from professional scribes to enthusiastic beginners and non-calligraphers who appreciate the lettering and book arts.

Art at left by Yves Leterme, who is teaching Built-Up (Drawn) Capitals online beginning May 13.


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WCG member Carol DuBosch, a master Calligrapher in Portland OR, has been creating art every day in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Her passionate efforts have resulted in an eBook that she has gifted to the Oregon Food Bank to help encourage donations during this health crisis.

​As a thank you to anyone who donates on Oregon Food Bank’s website, you will have access to a downloadable version of Carol's eBook – The Calligraphic Coronavirus Chronicles (one day's artwork at right).


Bakhyt KadyrovaThe New Wave of Lettering Artists

The Spring 2020 Scripsit, edited by Randall M. Hasson, introduces readers to up-and-coming calligraphers and artists to keep an eye on as their careers flourish and mature.
Journal spread by Bakhyt Kadyrova

View Randall Hasson's Journal Techniques video.

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