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Hire a Calligrapher

Are you seeking a calligrapher to design your wedding invitation or marriage certificate? Address envelopes? Design a logo? Letter a meaningful quotation or unique award certificate? Create a family tree?

The following members of the Washington Calligraphers Guild are available to do contract work. The Guild provides this list as a service and does not specifically endorse anyone.

All business arrangements are strictly between you and the calligrapher, and the Guild takes no responsibility for any problems that may arise.

Note to Clients:

Skill, experience, lettering styles and prices vary considerably, so we offer these suggestions in selecting a calligrapher:

1) Ask for samples similar to the type of work you need. For unique commissions, ask to see the calligrapher's portfolio.

2) Contact several calligraphers for a cost estimate for your particular job.

3) Regarding your work agreement, be specific in the following areas:

  • Price (or breakdown of charges)

  • Completion date/turnaround time

  • Pickup/delivery options

  • Minimum quantities necessary for the job

  • Materials that will be used (ink, colors, paper, etc.).

4) Feel free to ask for references and discuss the calligrapher's background, training and experience.


For any commissioned work, ensure that the text provided to the calligrapher is legible and worded as you want it to appear.

When multiple items are involved, provide extra envelopes or certificates as a courtesy to the calligrapher.

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