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WCG puts on exhibits, both juried and not, at least every five years to share with the public the wealth of styles and artistry produced by our members. Exhibited pieces are published in subsequent Scripsits.

The word calligraphy comes from the Greek kalli meaning beautiful and graphia referring to writing, and calligraphers today still emulate the beautiful letterforms of scribes throughout the centuries. Even in an age of computer-generated type, this ancient craft is flourishing, but it is also evolving. Calligraphy is now a respected visual art, the creative expression of the written word.

45th Anniversary Juried Exhibition - 2022
"Letters Nurtured in Solitude"

A Juried and Invitational Exhibit produced
by the Washington Calligraphers Guild
in recognition of our 45th Anniversary

The theme for this exhibit, “Letters Nurtured in Solitude,” was chosen because that is what we artists often do. We retreat to our inspiring studios to develop our responses to the outside climate from a place of introspection. We sketch, we re-work, we experiment and problem-solve. And finally, we reveal these expressions that are our artwork.  


Yukimi Annand
Diane von Arx
Pat Blair
Annie Cicale
Michael Clark
Rose Folsom
Marta Legeckis
Patty Shaivitz Leve
Joan Machinchick
Judy Melvin
Barry Morentz
Christine Tischer
Sherri A. Trial
Julian Waters
Sheila Waters


Amy Bennett
Carol DuBosch
Ann Erickson
Gerry Jackson Kerdok
Elizabeth McKee
Phawnda Moore
Jane Ott
Marcy Robinson
Cynthia Schubert
Nahid Tootoonchi
Joanne Wasserman

Their artwork is featured in Scripsit Vol 43 No 2 (Fall 2021)

Joan Machinchick - Sound of Words.jpg
40th Anniversary Exhibit - 2018


The 2018 Juried and Invitational Exhibit at The Mansion at Strathmore, Bethesda MD was produced by the Washington Calligraphers Guild in recognition of our 40th Anniversary. Theme: Surrealism.

Exhibited pieces were featured in Scripsit Vol.40, No.2, 2018.

(Left: Joan Machinchick)

35th Anniversary Exhibit - 2011


The exhibit at The Galleries at Quiet Waters in Annapolis MD showcased artwork by invited and juried calligraphers (65 pieces reproduced in Scripsit Vol.33 No.1) as well as the “Nice Rendition” collection of calligraphic artwork illustrating the lyrics of singer/songwriter Cheryl Wheeler.
(Art on cover: Larry Brady)

Words for the Journey - 2016

Words for the Journey was an exhibit at the Washington National Cathedral to inspire contemplation and introspection during the season of Lent. The Cathedral invited Washington Calligraphers Guild members to create works of art based on meditations.
(Left: Gerry Jackson Kerdok)

A Fine Line: Calligraphy, Language & Symbol - 2013

The Mansion at Strathmore hosted an exhibit of calligraphy by 24 artists in English, Asian, Arabic and Hebrew alphabets.
(Left: Maureen Squires; collage: Lorraine Swerdloff)

Members Exhibit - 2011

"A Way With Words"
at the Friendship Heights Village Center Art Gallery, Chevy Chase, Maryland.

(Left: Timothy Botts)

Sheila Waters: A Retrospective
60 Years in the Calligraphic Arts - 2009

Strathmore Mansion in Rockville, MD.
This exhibition was showcased in Scripsit, Fall 2009/Winter 2010.

30th Anniversary Exhibition - 2006

Strathmore Mansion in Rockville, Maryland.
Artwork appeared in the June 2007 Scripsit.

(Left: Ann Pope)

25th Anniversary Exhibition - 2001

Strathmore Mansion, Rockville. 


(Cover and logo by Sheila Waters)

Ongoing: View winners of the Graceful Envelope Contest

CalligraFest, our fall calligraphy fair, was held nine times between 1999 and 2010 in Northern Virginia. 

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