Washington Calligraphers Guild
25th Anniversary Exhibition

Only part of the 2001 exhibit is available online.
This page contains artists whose last names begin H through S.
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Mary Lou O'Brian

Stan Knight
“In the Morning”

Carl E. Kurtz
“Baby, You Ain't Got
Nothin' but Fool's Gold”

Jean Larcher
“From A to WCG etc.”

Marta Legeckis
“T'was Brillig”

Marta Legeckis

Mary Henderson
“Different Owners”

Sandy Olson
“Sweet Are the Uses
of Adversity”

Sandy Olson
“Go Confidently...”

Carl Rohrs
“The Emd”

Tamara Stoneburner
“Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi”

Lorraine Swerdloff