WCG logo by Sheila WatersFounded in 1976, the Washington Calligraphers Guild is a nonprofit organization of 550 U.S. and international lettering artists of all skill levels, from professional scribes to enthusiastic beginners and non-calligraphers who appreciate the lettering and book arts.

Stephen Rapp
Art by Stephen Rapp, who will discuss his work at our April 7 meeting


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Artwork by Sheila Waters for her series of articles in Letter Arts Review magazineThe word calligraphy comes from the Greek kalli meaning beautiful and graphia referring to writing, and calligraphers today still emulate the elegant letterforms of scribes throughout the centuries. Even in an age of computer-generated type, this ancient craft is flourishing, but it is also evolving. Calligraphy is now a respected visual art, the creative expression of the written word.


The latest issue of the WCG journal Scripsit showcases the calligraphy of Marsha & Larry Brady and Hallmark's James Fedor as well as international talent Sergey Shapiro, Patrick Leung, Marina Marjina and Rachel Yallop. How to order


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