The Washington Calligraphers Guild specializes in holding focused, intimate workshops.
If you have something to teach, you can be an instructor, even if you've never taught before.

Instructors: Here's What You Need to Know

How It Works

Instructor Steps The Workshop Committee will walk you through the whole process.

The WCG holds workshops for the purposes of raising funds to provide services and education for its membership and to conduct public outreach.

The WCG is hiring your instructing services directly to be rendered on a particular date and time for a given duration to teach a subject to an audience of students.

The WCG will then announce the class and attempt to fill it with students. The price that the WCG lists on its workshop page that is charged to students is designed to cover your services, our overhead, plus produce a minimum expected profit. If this can't be done with the number of students that sign up, your services won't be required, and the class will be canceled.

The Process

Your first interaction will be with the Workshop Chair, who identifies instructors and identifies interesting workshop programs. If class is viable, you'll be directed to the WCG Vice President for contract negotiation, and upon mutual agreement, the contract will be signed by the WCG Treasurer and the class instructor(s). You will then be asked to send a detailed workshop description, a list of class materials, and an author's bio to the WCG Website Chair so that the class information may be added to the website.

How Class Scheduling Works

  1. Identify a topic to teach and identify the materials students will need; see if this is in alignment with the WCG Workshop Chair's program.
  2. Agree upon a time that is convenient for you (and your students) and that doesn't conflict with other guild activities.
  3. Negotiate a fair price for your services with the WCG Legal representative (currently the Vice President), which will be put into a contract. You may sell additional materials, though the WCG may request an additional cost or percentage on sales.
  4. The WCG Treasurer will approve and sign the contract; sign the contract to make it binding, and return to the WCG Treasurer.
  5. Provide a course description, materials list, and artist bio to the WCG Workshop Chair and the WCG Webmaster.
  6. The guild will list your course information in the available workshop area, and may do additional promotions.
  7. If you need to reschedule or cancel due to emergencies, let us know as soon as possible.

How Payment Works

  1. Instructors are required to have a valid, signed contract with the Washington Calligrapher's Guild before teaching may commence.
  2. Contracts are only valid with both the acting instructor(s) and the active WCG Treasure's signatures, agreeing on the date, time, subject, location (or virtual arrangement), and subject matter.
  3. Classes that do not meet a minimal number of students will be canceled.
  4. The WCG will pay instructors, promptly, upon services fully rendered.
  5. The WCG will only pay instructors in US Dollars.
  6. Instructors wishing to be paid in other currencies are responsible for fees relating to currency exchange rates, not the WCG. Please feel free to adjust your rates accordingly to account for this.