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Snapshots from 1999-2009 workshops

Workshop participantsThe Washington Calligraphers Guild offers weekend workshops in the spring and fall, taught by internationally renowned calligraphers as well as local talent. Aimed at all levels of skill, the workshops are held at various locations in the Washington, DC area. Below are photos taken at selected workshops.

At right: Guild members (from l.) Vicki Futscher, Lorraine Swerdloff and Esther Washington at a WCG workshop in 1999.

Victoria Pittman's "Flowers & Flourishes" workshop

Victoria Pittman
Victoria Pittman (seated) led May 2009 workshop participants in a weekend of instruction that covered creating florals with calligraphy pens, metal collages, debossing and more.

Charles Pearce's "Manipulating Gothic Blackletter" workshop:

Charles Pearce teaches WCG members to manipulate gothic blackletter at an April 2008 weekend workshop.

Lee Ann Clark's "Contemporary Pointed Pen" workshop:

Lee Ann Clark guides workshop participant
Participants of Lee Ann Clark's October 2008 weekend workshop display their work.

Sheila Waters' "Basic Italic" workshop:

Anne HarrisonHenry Tham
Sheila Waters Sheila Waters
Sheila Waters' March 2000 workshop
(photos by Lorraine Swerdloff)

Peter Thornton's "Contrast: The Magic Ingredient" workshop:

portion of Thornton artwork Peter Thornton
Peter Thornton's May 2000 workshop (photos by Shelly Freishtat)

Kate McKulla's "Luminous Layering" workshop:

Kate McKulla (seated on left) guides WCG members in experimenting with the "luminous layering" of Ziller inks in an April 2000 workshop. Kate lettered the Guild's name at right. Below, participant Sally Phillips creates "joy" with Ziller inks.

Ziller class by Kate McKulla
Sally in class by Sally Phillips

David Mekelburg's "Enlivening Your Italic" workshop:

Meckelburg workshop Meckelburg italic
Meckelburg sample Meckelburg samples

Above: David Mekelburg (seated) enlivened the italic alphabet for WCG members in two November 1999 workshops (photos by Dottie Gray and Shelly Freishtat).

Patty Leve Hebrew calligraphyLeve workshop

Patty Shaivitz Leve (seated) taught Hebrew lettering in October 1999.

Karen Ter Haar's "Flatly Floral" and "Lose Your Marbles" workshops:

Karen Ter Haar by Karen Ter Haar

During her fall 2000 workshop tour of the U.S., Australian artist Karen Ter Haar (top left) showed WCG members how to use flat lettering brushes and strokes to create floral motifs for their art. "Kaz" created the bamboo piece at top right. Above, participants (from l.) Cynthia Campbell, Louise Harris, Sandeep Makkar and Maureen Murray practice the strokes. On the following day, Kaz taught two marbling techniques. Below, Dianne Garrett (l.) and Sandeep Makkar (r.) pull newly marbled paper from their ink baths.

Garrett Makkar

Jean Brinton Jaecks' "Raised Gold Leaf Letters" workshop:

Jean Brinton Jaecks, whose artwork is shown at left, conducted a December 2000 workshop on the materials and techniques used by medieval manuscript illuminators. She guided participants as they created their own decorated initial caps, such as the one at right by Ann Pope (actual size 2 x 2 3/4 inches).

Jean Brinton Jaecks cap Ann Pope cap

Pat Blair's Spencerian workshop:

Pat Blair

Spencerian expert and WCG member Pat Blair taught a November 2000 workshop on this opulent hand, developed in North America in the mid-19th century. Characterized by large flourished capitals, Spencerian is written using a pointed, flexible nib in an oblique pen holder.

Christine Tischer Theresa Daly versal


Ann Pope's "Lombardic Versals" workshop:

WCG member Ann Pope shared her love of Versals, the decorative letters used by medieval scribes to begin verses of texts, in an April 2001 workshop. The artwork above was produced in class by Chris Tischer; at left by Theresa Daly; below by (top row, from l.) Linda Farquhar, Dale Stein, Phyllis Ingram, and Jennifer Kolls; (second row, from l.) Karen Daly, Sallie Halley, Kate Purvis, and Lorraine Swerdloff.
Linda Farquhar Dale Stein Phyllis Ingram Jennifer Kolls
Karen Daly Sallie Halley Kate Purvis Lorraine Swerdloff

Stan Knight's "Uncials Unleashed" workshop:

In October 2001 Stan Knight (l.), internationally acclaimed lettering artist and author of "Historical Scripts," guided WCG members in analyzing various Uncial lettering found in manuscripts and adapting them for contemporary use.

Julian Waters' "Blackletter Variations" workshop:

Julian Waters demonstrates

Julian Waters discusses principles of Blackletter, including texture and the interplay of black and white, during an October 2001 workshop.


Eliza Schulte Holliday's Basic Edged Brush workshop:
Eliza Holliday workshop   by Eliza Holliday
November 2002 workshop participants learned to letter using an edged brush with Eliza Holliday (seated above). Shown (above right) is one of her pieces.

Diane von Arx Anderson's Layout and Design workshop:

Diane von Arx workshop   by Diane von Arx AndersonDiane von Arx Anderson taught a WCG workshop in Spring 2002 on layout and design. Shown is a piece from her portfolio.

Sheila Waters' "Pointed Gothic" workshop:

Sheila Waters   Pointed Gothic workshop

In March 2003 Sheila Waters continued her series of workshops on various hands with Gothicized Italic (Pointed Gothic).

Sheila Waters' "Adventures in Color " workshop:

Students learned how to mix colors to match anything! See more photos of Sheila's Fall 2005 weekend workshop on color theory and matching. photos by Ann Dorsey

Ewan Clayton's Uncials workshop

Ewan Clayton  
British calligrapher Ewan Clayton, an authority on the Lindisfarne Gospels, taught the Uncial script in June 2005. At right, a student practices the basic strokes. photos by Ann Dorsey

Below left by Julian Waters, who taught Textured Roman Caps. Below right by Reggie Ezell, who taught his year-long master class in the Washington area in 2005.

Julian Waters Textured Roman Caps


by Reggie Ezell

Tim Botts

Tim Botts taught Layered Letters in September 2013
Above: To See a World (Blake) by Tim Botts


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