photos by Walt Stoneburner and Lorraine Swerdloff

Snapshots of Holiday Calligrafest
Nov. 6, 2004
Fairfax High School

Below: Representatives of Brause, sponsor of Calligrafest, with display of pens, inks, and papers which were available to try.

Above: Admissions. Right: Calligraflea table. Below: Mini-workshops taught by Brenda Broadbent (left photo, standing) and Nan Jay Barchowsky (seated center).
Demonstrators included Jennifer Kolls, showing her State Department work (left); Debra Brown, showing her White House work (above); Marta Legeckis, giving Introduction to Calligraphy (below left); Mary Lou O'Brian, demonstrating how she creates elaborate resolutions (below).
Above left: David Hobbs, a noted engrosser, demonstrates Copperplate script. Above right: Julian Waters, internationally acclaimed lettering designer, demonstrated and sold his work and that of his mother, Sheila Waters.

A shopper admires lettering for sale.

Lorraine Swerdloff personalizes ornaments (above) and Tamara Stoneburner personalizes tote bags (below).

Far right: Michael Gilbert demonstrates frame gilding. Below: raffle prize table (with Silent Auction tables in background).

2004 Demonstrators

  • 10-11am: Marta Legeckis demonstrating Brause pens and inks
  • 10-11:30 am: Jennifer Kolls, State Department Calligrapher
  • 10-11:30 am: Debra Brown, White House Calligrapher
  • 11am-noon: Mary Lou O’Brian: Creating a Resolution/Decorated Document
  • 11am-noon: David A. Hobbs, Engrosser’s Script
  • 11:30 am-12:30 pm: Marta Legeckis, Introduction to Calligraphy
  • Noon-2 pm: Pat Blair, Spencerian script and her work for the V.P.’s office
  • Noon-4 pm: Michael Gilbert, Dark Horse Gallery, frame gilding and restoration

Special mini-workshops (additional fee):

Vendors: Paper & Ink Arts; Julian and Sheila Waters calligraphy; Sharon Eppler of Indigo Rose Calligraphy; Mary Flynn parchment
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Above: Bob Flory. Below: Browsing the books for sale by Paper & Ink Arts. Above: Sue Flory (seated) discusses membership in the Guild with Calligrafest attendee. Below: Indigo Rose.
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Above: buying a raffle ticket and (right) winning a prize.