Snapshots of Calligrafest 2000
October 21, 2000 in Vienna, VA

At the Washington Calligraphers Guild's Holiday Calligrafest, held in October 2000 at the Vienna (VA) Community Center, some 200 attendees enjoyed shopping for art and art supplies, trying their luck in raffle drawings and the silent auction, and observing demonstrations geared to all skill levels.

Oh My Word Calligraphy booth
Plaza Artwares

The artwork of dozens of calligraphers was for sale at the Oh My Word Calligraphy booth (above l.) and at the booths of various WCG members (above r.). A variety of artists' supplies was available at Plaza Art Supplies (l.), Artwares (r.), and Paper & Ink Books (below).
Paper & Ink Books

Michael Clark letters bookmarks Mary Lou O'Brian

Attendees commissioned elegant bookmarks on the spot from Michael Clark or Mary Lou O'Brian.

Marta Legeckis Ann Pope

Crowds gathered around WCG members as they demonstrated throughout the day (a list of demonstrations appears at the bottom of this page). At left, Marta Legeckis presents an introductory class for beginners; right, Ann Pope demonstrates versals.
Rick Paulus

Rick Paulus (seated l. and below l.) showed his copperplate skills to a rapt crowd, and Cynthia Campbell (below) assembled a simple book. Below, Michael Clark demonstrated commercial lettering applications (l.) and Linda Levine used a flat brush to create letterforms.
Rick Paulus Cynthia Campbell
Michael Clark Linda Levine

raffle booth Try-it-yourself table

More than 50 prizes were awarded during hourly raffle drawings (left). Supplies and templates were available to attendees of all ages who wanted to try their hand at lettering (r.).

silent auction Jean Larcher

Dozens of donated works of art, including a piece from French calligrapher Jean Larcher (r.) and Islamic calligraphy specialist Mohammed Zakariya (below), were part of the silent auction to benefit the Guild.Mohammed Zakariya
David Hobbs








Holiday Calligrafest Demonstrators  ~ October 21, 2000

Improving Your Handwriting, with Nan Jay Barchowsky
Italic Calligraphy, with Debra Brown
Introduction to Calligraphy, with Marta Legeckis
Assembling a Simple Book, with Cynthia Campbell
Elegant Invitations, with Pat Blair
Gothic Calligraphy, with Tamara Stoneburner
Left-handed Lettering, with David Hobbs (pictured above)
Lettering with Unconventional Tools, with Michael Clark
Calligraphic Design with the Lozoda Pen, with Chris Tischer
Copperplate Script, with Rick Paulus
Painting Holiday Envelopes using Pastels, with Chris Tischer
Lettering with a Flat Brush, with Linda Levine
Lombardic Versal Capitals, with Ann Pope
Creating Holiday Cards, with Caroline Gillin
Using Rubber Stamps in Holiday Cards, with Kathleen Kerndt
Uncials with Pen and Brush, with Linda Levine

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Photos by Lynne Mohr, Walt Stoneburner and Lorraine Swerdloff.

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