This page provides instructions for how to make a payment to the Washington Calligraphers Guild. It is used for class waiting lists, membership-only offers, pricing corrections, partial payments, donations, etc.

Always be sure to include your first and last name so it's clear who the payment was from and what it was for. If you were provided a item number (e.g. for a workshop), please make sure you include that as well.

If you are looking for regular membership and renewals or to sign up for a workshop, use those specific links.

Quick Steps for Sending Money to the Washington Calligraphers Guild via PayPal

PayPal Icon
  1. Go to
  2. Provide the amount
  3. Inside the notes include:
    • For example:
      Alice Smith, payment for Tamara's July 1st workshop "Drawing with Fire" (WK20-TMPWF)
      Who you are
    • What the payment is for
    • Any item numbers you may have been provided
  4. Send your payment

Detailed Steps with Pictures

Detailed Steps for Sending Money to the Washington Calligraphers Guild via PayPal

1. Go to the Calligraphers Guild PayPal link

Open in your browser.

2. Enter in the amount

Enter in the amount you wish to send, double checking the currency is USD. Then press Next.

Enter the amount to send

3. If asked, login to PayPal

If you are already logged into PayPal, it might skip this step. If you don't have a PayPal account, use Sign Up and follow the directions it provides.

Otherwise, always before entering a username and password, check the URL bar to make sure there is a locked padlock indicating the connection is secure and that you are on the correct site, in this case

Check site security

If good, enter your username and password and click Log In.

Login to PayPal

4. Provide details in the notes

Double check the amount and currency, then be sure to put your name, what the amount is for, and if you have an item number, specify that too. If all looks good, press Continue.

Example order

5. Review and Send Payment

Review your order and when ready, press Send Payment Now.

Send Payment Now

PayPal will send you an email confirmation of your payment. You may wish to contact the department chair, or your specific point of contact, and let them know you've made the payment. Providing them with the date/time and transaction ID will help them cross-reference that payment.

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