Washington Calligraphers Guild
25th Anniversary Exhibition

Only part of the 2001 exhibit is available online.
This page contains artists whose last names begin T through Z.
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Diane Von Arx Anderson

Chris Tischer
“It Is Not the Critic
Who Counts”

Chris Tischer
“The World Is Always Turning”

Chris Tischer
Close-up of “It Is Not the Critic Who Counts”

Darya Villhauer
“St. Theresa of Avila”

Gay Takakoshi
“Calligraphic Inversion — Skye”

Sheila Waters
“God's Grandeur”
(partial view)

Sheila Waters
“How Do I Love Thee”

Bobbi Yoffee
“The Rose”

Mohamed Zakariya
“An Ottoman Poet”

Mohamed Zakariya
“A Poem by Sulyman the Magnificent”

Hermann Zapf
“Four Quotations
about Letterforms”