2005 Graceful Envelope Contest
Junior and Children's Division Winners

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Junior Division Winners

Junior Division Honorable Mentions
Children's Division Winners
Children's Division Honorable Mentions

Congratulations to the following winners
of the 2005 Graceful Envelope Contest:

(Grade 6-Grade 12)


(Kindergarten-Grade 5)


Huiqin Jiang (Best in Show)
Jeremy Annand
Jerdaws Chamem
Risa Chuman
De’Shaun Cuffy
Emily Eakin
Leah Ellyson
Theresa Zeitz-Lindamood

Honorable Mention

Sarah Anderson
Roberto Baltierra
Melody Barry
Anne Bloyer
Emily Broton
Caitlyn Cortese
Amber Dow
Ashante Evans
Sasha Gardner
Margaret Heitjan
Michelle Jiang
Lucas Leatherwood
Shannon McNally
JP McQuade
Aaron Scot Monty
Aaron Moshier
Kim Mullins
Erin Myers
Nicole Nash
Heather Nguyen
Amy Quinlan
Michael Rader
Sarah Rich
Phillip Robers
Matt Scheftic
Maria Shevchenko
Joann Tran
Kelly Wallace
Morgan Webb
Ron White



Marina Bustamante
Laurell Cuza
Lion Friedman
Sarah Montgomery
Briana Ritter
Sydney Ruos
Angela Sleeper
Maia Suazo-Maler
Sierra Thomas

Honorable Mention

Stephanie Bloyer
Tangeneen Claringbold
Kendreonna Drake
India Garcia
Nana Park
Anni Reynolds
Allia Samoun
Matthew Sullivan
Nicolas Tedori
Katie Wheeler
Elliot Young


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