Board Meetings Will Be Held by Video Conference

In light of COVID-19, quarantine status, and social distancing, board meetings will be held virtually using Zoom.

Be Cautious of Spam and Scams

Email is literally no more secure than a postcard. It's public. It's forgeable. And no one is validating the sender is who they say they are. Even the "from" address can be spoofed, and because the way email works it doesn't necessarily mean the sender's email account is compromised.

More often than not, it's actually one of the recipients of a bulk email who has the compromised system, and the tell-tale sign is when email addresses appear in the the fake email's to/from fields that are not part of the spoofed sender's contact list. The way it works is that a virus on the machine detects an incoming email, then forges a fake outgoing email using that person's name to various people in the contact local contact list.

If you receive an unsolicited email asking for money, requesting you to click on a link, expressing an emergency requiring you to make purchases (especially of gift card), ...don't. If something looks off or or feels unusual, reach out to the sender directly via some other medium.