by Denis Brown

by Denis Brown

Highlights of Past Meetings

Peter Thornton

Peter Thornton, October 2014


Carrie Imai demonstrates lettering in color at the September 2014 meeting. (photos: John Thornton)

Carrie Imai

Stephen Rapp, shown behind the laptop projecting images, discussed his award-winning type designs and American Greetings cards at our April 7, 2014 meeting. (photos: John Thornton)

Barry Morentz

At the April 25, 2014 meeting, NY calligrapher Barry Morentz (below) discussed his work with the infinite variety of Shakespearean texts and how he approaches them calligraphically. Good design helps to communicate meaning: "By getting emotionally involved, one gets to the heart of the process," he said.


Lee Ann Clark


Lee Ann Clark (seated r.) led a pointed pen workshop in May 2014.



Tim Botts gave an illustrated talk at our September 2014 meeting about the fundamental basis of the principles of design for all strong calligraphic work. He also created one of his large word pictures while explaining his thought process.



Ann Hawkins, pictured on scaffolding in the National Gallery of Art adding names to a benefactors' list on the wall, demonstrated letter carving for Guild members during a 4-hour program in April 2011. The WCG member has received commissions to carve lettering on numerous buildings and monuments.
(2014 photo by Kimberly Iles)


The March 2010 WCG meeting featured a panel discussion with professional calligraphers (from l.) Julian Waters, Chris Tischer and Tamara Stoneburner discussing the business aspects of their work. (photo: John Thornton)


March 2014 meeting was our popular 3Xround format: an opportunity to experience three demos by our talented members.

Chris Tischer (pictured) demonstrated how to make photo transfers onto paper that, enhanced with colored pencils, look like hand-drawn artwork.

Gretchen Elson showed simple paper marbling and color enhancement of paper using dye.

Marta Legeckis presented ways to use watercolor or gouache to create interesting backgrounds for calligraphy.
(photo: John Thornton)



Holiday Party, December 2013
(photo: John Thornton)

Michael Clark


Michael Clark presented a program on the importance of design in calligraphy, April 2013.

Hermann Zapf and Julian Waters

Julian Waters initiated WCG's Distinguished Lecturer Series on Nov. 8. 2013, speaking on Hermann Zapf in celebration of his 95th birthday

Noted typeface designer Hermann Zapf, left, and calligrapher Julian Waters examine original artwork for Zapf’s 1949 book, Feder und Stichel (Pen and Graver) by Zapf and his wife, Gudrun Zapf von Hesse. In 1988 the Zapfs endowed the Hermann Zapf Education Fund (HZEF) for WCG members.

Ruth Korch


The November 2012 program meeting explored "What Makes a Winning Graceful Envelope" with Graceful Envelope Contest coordinator Lorraine Swerdloff and past judges Shane Perry and Mary Lou O'Brian.

Among the 2012 winners was the entry at right by Ruth Korch. The theme was anything beginning with the letter D.

Carol Barton

Carol Barton (left) discussed her pop-up books at the Guild's May 2008 program meeting.

Jennifer Kolls invitationby Debra Sohasky Brown

U.S. Department of State invitations lettered by Jennifer Kolls (left) and Debra Sohasky Brown (above).

February 2001 meeting:
Presidential Calligraphers
on President's Day

Rick Paulus


WCG members (pictured below) discussed the variety of lettering they do on behalf of "official Washington":
* Rick Paulus, head White House calligrapher: invitations and menus.
* Marta Legeckis, freelancer: Department of the Interior awards and testimonials.
* Mary Lou O'Brian, Inkwell Studio: appointment certificates and resolutions.


Marta Legeckis


For more about the work of the White House calligraphers, Marta Legeckis and Mary Lou O'Brian, including work methods and numerous images, see the Fall 2007/Winter 2008 issue of Scripsit.

by Marta Legeckis



The invitation and menu at right were lettered by Marta Legeckis.

Artwork by Werner Schneider Artwork by Werner Schneider

The artwork of eminent calligrapher, type designer and logo artist Werner Schneider was displayed and discussed at the Guild's September 2000 meeting. Two examples of his work are pictured above.
Below: At the November 1999 meeting, members explained construction of complex holiday cards, such as the pieces by Debra Brown (l.) and Jill Norvell.

Debra Brown Jill Norvell

Mohamed Zakariya

Mohamed Zakariya presented a program on Islamic calligraphy at a 2005 meeting.


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