Call for election,  final nominations:

The WCG Election for Officers and Annual Meeting will occur via Zoom on Thursday, May 12, 2022. To register for participation and voting during this meeting, please follow

Per WCG’s Bylaws, it is required to call for any final nominations from the floor. Currently open are the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Descriptions of these positions may be found in the Bylaws section of our current Directory (yellow cover).

Barbara Enyeart is submitting her name to be considered for the position of Treasurer. Before retiring as staff assistant to the CFO of Navy Federal Credit Union, her responsibilities were:

• analyzing budgets, financial reports, and projections for accurate reporting,
• managing, tracking, and monitoring financial updates,
• setting up and improving department accounting systems and processes to meet business needs, and
• tracking and recording expenses and reconciling accounts to maintain accurate, current, and complete financial records for department groups.

She also served as Treasurer for WCG from 2016-2019 and believes her past experiences will help with the new responsibilities of becoming the WCG Treasurer once again, if elected by quorum.

Elissa Krieg is graciously continuing her role as Member-at-Large.

Gemma Black
Gemma Black, lettering artist from Tasmania, Australia, spoke to WCG members online in March 2021 about her approach to calligraphy.
[Art by Gemma Black, "Calligraphy" by Sheila Waters]

Sheila Waters

ALL MEETINGS are held via Zoom in Eastern Time

27 April (Wed) - 7-9 pm

12 May (Thurs) - 7-9 pm

Note: WCG Board meetings are open to our general membership. If you are interested in observing the current process, issues, and topics that our elected and volunteer Board members undergo and discuss, you are more than welcome to join us.

WCG Board meetings: At Guild Board meetings, the annually elected Board of Directors develops and carries out Guild policies as well as leads the committees of volunteers that prepare Guild activities. Many board members are relatively new to calligraphy, but devoted in their interest. Contact President Marilyn Davis to find out how you can help the Guild grow!

Jean Larcher

Alphabet by WCG member Jean Larcher for the new Speedball Handbook 23rd edition

~ ~ ~

Highlights of past meetings


Sheila WatersAnne Lane

Former WCG logos by Sheila Waters (l) and Anne Lane.

Julian Waters

Julian Waters

Right: Julian Waters' demo for Blackletter workshop; larger view


Left: Fractur by Julian Waters


Below: Peter Thornton

Peter Thornton


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