2014 Graceful Envelope Contest Winners

Theme: The Superlative Letter S

Adult winning envelopes
Adult Honorable Mention envelopes

Grades 9-12 winners

Grades 5-8 winners
Grades 1-4 winner

by Gini OgleThe Graceful Envelope Contest, sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers and the Washington Calligraphers Guild, congratulates this year's winning artists. Judges selected 10 Winners (with one designated Best in Show) and gave another 13 the distinction Honorable Mention in the contest’s adult division. Judges also selected student winners in three grade divisions.

The 2014 theme, "The Superlative Letter S," challenged artists to find the Essence of S by symbolizing some sentiment starting with the letter S. Winners were chosen based on artistic hand lettering, creative interpretation of the theme and effective use of color and design, including incorporation of postage stamp(s).

The 20th annual Graceful Envelope Contest was juried by White House Chief Calligrapher Pat Blair, former Letter Arts Review editor Rose Folsom and National Association of Letter Carriers graphic designer Michael Shea.

The contest was created in 1995 by the Smithsonian Institution's National Postal Museum, which administered it until delegating responsibility to the Washington Calligraphers Guild in 2001 (joined in 2003 by the National Association of Letter Carriers). In addition to promoting the art of calligraphy, the Graceful Envelope Contest celebrates the role of letters in binding people together and serves as a reminder that the people who deliver the mail are career government employees who take pride in their work and care about the communities they serve.

The 2014 adult division Winner and Honorable Mention envelopes will be on display in the lobby of the National Association of Letter Carriers headquarters building, 100 Indiana Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001 beginning in July 2014 for a year. Open to the public free of charge Monday through Friday (except holidays), 8-6 Eastern time, the building is located near Union Station and the U.S. Capitol, at the intersection of First and C Streets NW. View map. For more information about visiting the exhibit, call 202-662-2851 or email.

Past winners:


2014 Call for Entries

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The Fall 2014 Scripsit, devoted to the Graceful Envelope Contest, features color reproductions of 141 selected winning envelopes from 2009 through 2014.
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Spring 2009 Scripsit featuring full-color reproductions of 64 selected envelopes from the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Graceful Envelope contests.
List of artists represented


Fall 2005 Scripsit featuring full-color reproductions of 65 selected envelopes from the 2003, 2004 and 2005 Graceful Envelope contests.
List of artists represented


Dec. 2002 Scripsit featuring full-color reproductions of 60 of the winning envelopes from 1995 through 2002.
List of artists represented

Congratulations to the following winners
of the 2014 Graceful Envelope Contest! Click on links to view the envelopes on Flickr.


Adult Winners:


Julie Gray -- Sandia Park, NM
Carol DuBosch -- Portland, OR
Jeri Hobart -- Iowa City, IA
Hannah Holder -- Knoxville, TN
Janet Kasper -- Friendsville, TN
Catherine Langsdorf -- Hendersonville, NC
Paul Terry Lynn -- Caspian, MI
Molly McNeece -- Farmington Hills, MI
Yumie Tanaka -- Tokyo, Japan

Paula Vena -- Queensland, Australia

Adult Honorable Mentions:


Kathy Barker -- Bellevue, WA
Tori Bell -- Tacoma, WA
P.L. Brooks -- Weston, FL
Pamela Day -- Dayton, OH
Jan-Marie Ecker -- Baltimore, MD
Linae Frei -- Scottsdale, AZ
Joan Iversen Goswell -- Valencia, PA
Mark A. Hicks -- Phoenix, AZ
Gerry Jackson Kerdok -- Hudson, MA
Betty Locke -- Duncan, BC, Canada
Jill Norvell -- Reston, VA
Cynthia Schubert -- Portland, OR
Elizabeth Walsh -- Olympia, WA

Student Winners:


Sophia Blumenstrauch -- Los Angeles, CA
Esther Chulpaev -- North Hollywood, CA
Shiri Feldman -- Simi Valley, CA
Chaya Kamionski -- Tarzana, CA
Geling Lee -- Ann Arbor, MI
Yehudis Levine -- Valley Village, CA
Abby Mazlin -- Valley Village, CA
Rena Ohana -- Valley Village, CA
Orah Shafa -- Tarzana, CA
Lital Swisa -- West Hills, CA
Elly Winchell -- Valley Village, CA
Miriam Yifrach -- Valley Village, CA


Mary Cate Fitzgerald -- St. Helena, CA
Anna Gonsalves -- St. Louis, MO
Moira Healy -- St. Louis, MO
Sophia Henson -- St. Louis, MO
Evan Hildebrandt -- St. Louis, MO
Celeste Pan -- Ann Arbor, MI
Delaney Rice -- Hoboken, NJ
Jake Rowe -- Boonsboro, MD
Eileen Shiau -- Ann Arbor, MI
Kevin Tan -- Ann Arbor, MI
Elyse Uding -- St. Louis, MO
Brian Venhaus -- St. Louis, MO
Kendal Weiskopf -- St. Louis, MO
Hannah Wooters -- St. Louis, MO


Sophia Borges -- Cary, NC
Serena Cajigal -- St. Louis, MO
Ella DeWeese -- St. Louis, MO
Nina Hawkins -- St. Helena, CA
Jessica Jia -- Ann Arbor, MI
Grace Kestler -- St. Louis, MO
Anna Lange -- Miramar Beach, FL
Kate Lange -- Miramar Beach, FL
Ashley Moody -- Miramar Beach, FL
Alexandra Novak -- St. Helena, CA
Gillian Risch -- St. Louis, MO
Elsie Jane Rogers -- St. Helena, CA
Gabe Russo -- Hoboken, NJ
Elle Stubbs -- Miramar Beach, FL
Aidan Wright -- Hoboken, NJ

Graceful Envelope logo by Gini Ogle

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