2010 Graceful Envelope Contest Winners

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by Gini OgleThe Graceful Envelope Contest, sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers and administered by the Washington Calligraphers Guild, congratulates this year's winning artists. Out of close to 150 entries received, 12 were selected as "Winners" (with one judged "Best in Show") and 18 were given the distinction "Honorable Mention" in the contest's adult division. The judges also selected student winners from more than 300 entries in the junior and children's divisions.

This year's theme was A Stream of Letters. Entrants were urged to design an envelope that "celebrates letters or lakes, books or brooks, alphabets or aqua, words or water conservation, the mailstream or a mountain spring -- or any idea that flows from our theme and your creativity" and address it artistically. A trio of judges looked for skill in lettering, effective use of color and design, and creative interpretation of the theme.

The 2010 contest was juried by: Washington Calligraphers Guild President Theresa Daly; professional calligrapher and illustrator Tamara Stoneburner; and National Association of Letter Carriers graphic designer Michael Shea.

The contest was created in 1995 by the Smithsonian Institution's National Postal Museum, which administered it until delegating responsibility to the Washington Calligraphers Guild in 2001. Beginning in 2003, the National Association of Letter Carriers agreed to partner with the Washington Calligraphers Guild to sponsor the contest. In addition to promoting the art of calligraphy, the Graceful Envelope Contest celebrates the role of letters in binding people together and serves as a reminder that the people who deliver the mail are career government employees who take pride in their work and care about the communities they serve.

The 2010 adult division winner and honorable mention envelopes will be on display in the lobby of the National Association of Letter Carriers headquarters building, 100 Indiana Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001 from approximately Aug. 15, 2010 to September 1, 2011. Open to the public free of charge Monday through Friday (except holidays), 8-6 Eastern time, the building is located near Union Station and the U.S. Capitol, at the intersection of First and C Streets NW. View map. If you need further information about visiting the exhibit, call 202-662-2851 or email.

Past winners:


2010 Call for Entries

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Congratulations to the following winners of the 2010 Graceful Envelope Contest:


Best in Show
Vello Paluoja -- Parnu, Estonia


Rosalee Anderson -- Frankfort, KY
Kathy Barker -- Bellevue, WA
Rhonda Cavanagh -- Hilton, NY
Jacqueline Davis -- River Falls, WI
Carol DuBosch -- Portland, OR
Joan Gooderham -- St. Catharines, ON, Canada
Julie Gray -- Sandia Park, NM
Carol Meetze-Moates -- Julian, NC
Yumie Tanaka -- Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan

Honorable Mentions:

Shirlee DiBacco -- Voorhees, NJ
Gloria Eckart -- Plantation, FL
Wendy Erich -- Frederick, MD
Jo Forsyth -- Shoreline, WA
Lorrie Frear -- Canandaigua, NY
Karin Gable -- Reseda, CA
Jeri Hobart -- Iowa City, IA
Louise Jolly -- La Chapelle-Rablais, France
Beate Lommer -- Griesbach, Germany
Debra Lyman -- San Diego, CA
Richard Paulicks -- Niederaichbach, Germany
Elizabeth Walsh -- Olympia, WA
Beverly Womack -- Placentia, CA
Lynn Zakevich -- South Miami, FL

Student Winners:

Junior Division (Grades 7-12):

Hannah Black -- Valley Village, CA
Zeruiah Botach -- Los Angeles, CA
Shlomit Harel -- Sherman Oaks, CA
Emily Hart -- St. Louis, MO
Aliza Latta -- Dundas, ON, Canada
Lara Mitra -- Washington, DC
Aliza Richeimer -- Los Angeles, CA
Deena Rosenblatt -- North Hollywood, CA

Children's Division (Grades 1-6):

Cameron Backus -- Newberg, OR
Maggie Butler -- Buena Vista, CO
Kavi Chopra -- Hoboken, NJ
Katie Heimos -- St. Louis, MO
Jaret Hildebrandt -- St. Louis, MO
Julianna Lewis -- Buena Vista, CO
Marisa Nicastro -- St. Louis, MO
Jeri Oranski -- St. Louis, MO
Alex Pena -- Newberg, OR
Deanna Roberts -- Newberg, OR
John Seegobin -- Newberg, OR
Emili Silcox -- Buena Vista, CO
Matthew Swallow -- St. Louis, MO
Skylar Toennies -- St. Louis, MO
Maryam Zaffer -- Lombard, IL

Graceful Envelope logo by Gini Ogle

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