2001 Graceful Envelope Contest Winners

by Gini OgleJudges selected 45 winners from 139 entries in the 2001 Graceful Envelope Contest, originated by the Smithsonian Institution National Postal Museum and administered this year by the Washington Calligraphers Guild.
Participants were asked to create hand-lettered envelopes that illustrate either of these themes:
The Washington Calligraphers Guild's 25th anniversary; or
Celebrating 200 years of Washington, D.C. as the Nation's Capital.

The winning envelopes were displayed in Washington as part of the Washington Calligraphers Guild's 25th anniversary exhibit July 19-August 25, 2001 at the Strathmore Arts Center and at Holiday Calligrafest on Nov. 3, 2001.

In addition to 12 Graceful Envelopes featured in the Fall 2001 Scripsit (Vol. 24, No. 3), 15 were reproduced in Letter Arts Review magazine (Vol. 16, No. 4). The December 2002 issue of Scripsit, WCG's journal, featured a selection of winning envelopes from 1995 to 2002, plus commentary by the judges and other background information.

To view the 2001 winning Graceful Envelopes:
Winning entries are grouped alphabetically by artist's last name:

THEME: 25th Anniversary of the Washington Calligraphers Guild
OR Celebrating 200 years of Washington as the Nation's Capital

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2001 Graceful Envelope Contest:

Trix Bodde - New London, Connecticut
Dorothy A. Boyd - Southport, North Carolina
Sheryl Bracey - Hendersonville, Tennessee
Erin Austin Brown - Lakewood, Ohio
Sandra Callahan - Carlisle, Iowa
Lillian Dabney - Seattle, Washington
Carol Dutoit - Salem, Oregon
Gloria Eckhart - Plantation, Florida
Susan Fay - Encinitas, California
Risa Gettler - Murrieta, California
Catherine Hibbitt - Bristol, Rhode Island
Ginger Hopkins - Silver Spring, Maryland
Milissa C. Hudak - Key West, Florida
Ella Jankowiak - Baltimore, Maryland
Rosemary Johnston - Fremantle, Western Australia
Amy Jones - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sachiko Kanasashi - Hamamatsu-shi, Japan
Sandy Keating - Portland, Oregon
Sharon Kelley - Williamsburg, Michigan
Gerry Jackson Kerdok - Hudson, Massachusetts
Gayle Klawitter - Missoula, Montana
Catherine Langsdorf - Charlotte, North Carolina
Jean Larcher - Cergy, France
Judith Leitch - Lake Mary, Florida
Linda J. Lundy - Ellensburg, Washington
Debra Lyman - San Diego, California
Ellen Macdonald - Asquith, NSW Australia
Debra Yellick Manly - Grinnell, Iowa
Sue McDonald - Escondido, California
Virginia Meltzer - Missoula, Montana
Jeanette L. Mustacich - Santa Barbara, California
Bonnie Noehr - Monte Sereno, California
Charyla Bridges Olsen - Hemet, California
Mary Moser Perkins - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Carole Sauter - Maple Valley, Washington
Peggy Shields Schiefelbein - Washington, DC
Margaret Snyder - Glendale, California
Jane L. Stanfield - Waco, Texas
Merle Sturm - Baltimore, Maryland
Pat Topping - Los Angeles, California
Marlean Tucker - Atlanta, Georgia
Delphine Vasquez - Washington, DC
Myrlin Von Glahn - Bay Village, Ohio
Cindy G. Yount - Frederick, Maryland
Alesia Zorn- Portland, Oregon

Artwork on this page by Gini Ogle.

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