Sample of items to be auctioned at Calligrafest 2006
Vellum leaf from a personal prayer book created, written, hand-drawn  and illuminated by a certain Johann Naevium
Circa 1603 (German script).
Dimensions: approximately 4 1/2" H x 3 1/4" W (117mm x 90mm).
Excellent condition with very little spotting or foxing.
Vellum leaf from a French breviary, circa 1400s
Dimensions: approximately 4 1/2" H x 3 1/2" W (112mm x 85mm)
Writing and decoration on both sides; note the hand-drawn margins are still visible and that the writing is of a fine quality and is less than 1/8" tall; color of the initials are still of a vivid vermillion red and royal blue Incredibly excellent condition with very little spotting or foxing; can observe the skin's texture and natural coloring.
Artist unknown - 4 broadsheet posters similar to this, all 
showing different hands and quotes; approx. 16"x20"
Nicely rendered, though in slightly fluorescent coloring! Artist: 
Stanley Brooks; approx. 11"x14"
Japanese scroll (approx. 4' in length) - translates roughly into: 
"It is to be remembered" (?)
Pewter (labeled 95% Etain, 95% Zinn, best guess: 95% tin, 5% zinc) inkwell with an accompanying floral design pen. The pen is adjustable 
to accept any nib.