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Call for Entries: “Letters Nurtured in Solitude”

Celebrating the Washington Calligraphers Guild’s 45th Anniversary

Deadline for Submissions: June 30, 2021

To celebrate WCG’s 45th Anniversary (1976-2021) and promote the current and exemplary calligraphy of the members of the Washington Calligraphers Guild, we invite you to participate in a juried endeavor for our first virtual exhibit.

The theme, “Letters Nurtured in Solitude,” is chosen simply because that is what we calligraphic artists often do. We retreat to our inspiring sanctuaries and studios to create our works in isolation, developing our letterforms from a place of introspection. We sketch, we re-work, we experiment. And finally, we share and communicate these expressive results that are our artwork.

This is a call for your response to this process, whether it be traditional or nontraditional lettering, calligraphy, letter cutting/carving, graphic design, book art, and fine art that employs hand lettering or calligraphic marks as the primary element. All media and tools are acceptable for your submissions.


Works created since 2016 are eligible; we are striving to present as current a perspective on what and how calligraphic artists are creating. Entries must be postmarked or received digitally (via WeTransfer or e-mail) by Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

All selected works will be featured in a virtual gallery on WCG’s website, accompanied by artist statements and bios, as well as printed in Scripsit Vol. 43, No. 2 (scheduled for publication November 2021).

What to send:

There is no entry fee. Each participant may submit images for up to three individual artworks. Ideally only one overview photo or print is required for each artwork being considered. If, however, you are submitting images for a larger work, you may provide two additional detail photos or prints along with the overview comprehensive image.

Photographs, digital prints, or prints from your computer are allowed if physically mailing. Please keep the prints and photos between Letter to Ledger size (8 1⁄2”x 11” – 11”x 17”, or A4-A3). Note that entries will not be returned. Do not send original artwork. If you are international or you are concerned that the pandemic will affect and delay mailing times here in the US, you may use the option to digitally submit by using WeTransfer or direct e-mailing your files. Use a high resolution (at least 300 dpi), with a file size no larger than 9MB, formatting as either a JPG or TIFF.

If using the postal system, please send submissions with completed entry forms to:

WCG 45th Anniversary Exhibit
c/o Washington Calligraphers Guild
P.O. Box 3688
Merrifield, VA 22116 - USA

(allow for additional time if mailing via a postal system)

If digitally submitting via WeTransfer or E-mail (please include a photo or scan of the entry forms):

[email protected]

This will be a double-blind juried endeavor. We are doing this to maintain objectivity and non-bias in the selection process. We are hoping this will encourage calligraphers of all levels to comfortably submit their very best representative work. There will be a panel of three judges overseeing the selection. When you submit your artwork, please completely fill out the entry form, using a separate entry form for each artwork.

Entry Form for WCG 45th Anniversary Exhibit
Download Entry Form
Labeling images discreetly:

If physically mailing prints or photos, please write a code onto the back of the images using a ballpoint pen or permanent marker. A code consists of the first three letters of your surname followed by the number of your entry. For example, if your last name is Rembrandt and you are sending two entries, they would be labeled: REM1 and REM2. For the detail shots of the same entry, the codes become REM1a and REM1b. Also write “Top” at the top front of each image. Do not attach your entry forms to the images, as this will further protect your identity during judging.

If digitally submitting, the file names should follow the same labeling method as described prior.

If your works are rendered in a language other than English, please provide a translation and/or brief description of the text on the entry form.

For entries being mailed outside the US, the package should be marked “Material for Exhibition Entry. No commercial value.” US customs or airport pickup cannot be arranged. Allow for adequate mailing time.


WCG will contact you by e-mail upon receipt of your submission(s). If your submission(s) are chosen, then you will be asked to provide your full identity, artist’s bio, and artist’s statements.

Questions may be addressed to [email protected].

Submission of an entry to WCG-45th Exhibit 2021 acknowledges the right the Washington Calligraphers Guild to use the image for publication and promotional purposes, and that the entrant has obtained any necessary copyright permissions for text or images.

If your entry is chosen, you will be asked for proof of these permissions, if applicable.

Questions about getting copyright permissions?

Be sure to properly scan your photo: